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"At Last! Discover How YOU, The Small Business Owner, Can Get Interested, Targeted Traffic and PROFIT All While Getting New Customers! With Our PPC Management Services"

Dear Friend,

I know how it is to spend loads in ads, experience a low ROI, and struggle with the stragglers who come to your website or storefront! It's like shooting in the dark, hoping you'll find someone interested and then convince them to buy. My friend, we both know this is not the way to do business, however, if you're satisfied with that, then STOP reading right now!

If what you've been doing is not working for you, let me share another way, a way with higher profitability, bringing more targeted, interested customers, and boosting your bottom line, but without the stress, the pain or the hassle of hoping that all the money you've invested in trying to get more customers will work!

Let's stop trying and just do!

Introducing The Perfect Solution:
Customized PPC Management Service For Your Business!

We are specialists in helping small business owners, like you, find success online! Listen, like I said, I know how it is- it's tough! Breaking into Google takes time and money to do it yourself and sometimes the "experts" are too costly for the needs of small businesses.

See All The Reasons Why We Know The Small Business Owner's Needs And How We Can Fulfill Yours:

  1. We focus on getting results! Our campaigns' number one goal is ensuring you a good ROI, otherwise what's the point?

  2. We use AdWords strategies that are proven to be effective and tailored specifically for the small business.

  3. We have experience! We've been in the industry long enough to have learned from our mistakes so that you don't have to!

  4. We track calls and contact forms, proving to you what effect our efforts have.

  5. We optimize ads for top rankings! it's true! Small Business owners like you can play with the major leagues when they're ranked and receive excellent, targeted traffic!

  6. We follow a carefully thought out, focused strategy, to ensure that your money is well spent and not scattered in unfocused and ineffective techniques.

  7. And Much More!

Our Proven AdWords Strategies To Get YOU The Boost You Need!

  1. We research and use specific keywords, ads and specialized targeting ensuring you results and ROI.

  2. Extensive tracking to Measure the performance of our service, we hold nothing back and have full transparency!

  3. Include Mobile targeting, so that you can be where your customers are!

With all our experience and proven, and highly effective techniques you really can't go wrong. Frankly, your investment in our specialized PPC Management services will pay itself off with the ROI and allow you to make a profit while getting new customers!

There's more! Besides All That's Mentioned Above, As A Bonus You Also Get:

  1. Google Analytics and Call fully installed for you!

  2. Certified and Experienced SEM Strategists working on your side!

  3. Click-to-call links Installed in Mobile ads

  4. Industry and Competitor Research, ensuring you're at the top!

  5. Keyword research, focused on exactly the words your customers are using to find services like yours, meaning that you get more customers coming to your door!

  6. Scheduled Optimizations and reports every month, so you know what's going on and so that you stay up-to-date on the ever changing internet scene.

  7. Continuous AB split tests

  8. Customized AdWords Settings

  9. A Direct, Personal Call To Discuss the AdWords Strategy We Intend To Use, keeping you informed, aware, and part of the process.

  10. Specialized Geo-targeting and ad-extensions if you're a local business to again, make sure that your money will bring in the right customer for your business.

  11. Hyper focus and customized sales copy designed to generate leads and sales.

This is the BEST kind of service you will find anywhere! If you are ready to receive highly targeted traffic that is looking for services like yours, then you need to consider, now, which package is right for you! As you know, all businesses are fully dependent on their clients for their success and with our Specialized PPC Management Packages you will see a definite ROI and more because of the clients that'll find you!

Here Is What People Like You Are Saying About Us

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Quillan Comer
West Virginia
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Kasper Sclafani
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Talking about Adsrelevancy, the company is something that can't be neglected by anyone. I have undertaken 1 month PPC service from the same company and unexpectedly received the best possible results. The way they presented my ads was outstanding and we were happy to receive good amount of traffic on our desired keywords. Today, our sales have been increased by 60 percent and we are getting new faces for our beauty products every day and they wish to be our loyal, long-term customers. Thank you so much for your kind support!
Ximens Godsey
Dog Corner, Hawaii

Which Package Is Your Best Fit?

Review the different packages we have below and decide which suits your needs the best!

Basic Package
$220 per Month
Business Package
$360 per Month
Enterprise Package
$1380 per Month
Setup Fee $180 $550 $1,500
Keywords (AdGroups) (?) 300 1,000 4,000
Project managers (?) 1 1 1
Focus on Conversions (?)
Conversion Tracking Consultation (?)
Search Network
Display Network
Banner Image Ads (?) YES - 1 Design & 2 Size YES - 1 Design & 6 Size
Remarketing (?)
Website Funnel Tracking (?)
Site Speed Report (?)
Analytics Code Checker (?)
Search Query Analysis
Conversion Tracking (?)
Click Fraud Monitoring
Call Tracking Integration
Form Tracking
Product Ads Set-up
Landing Page Recommendation (?)
Video Ads Campaign (?)
Dynamic Search Ads
Google Ad Site Extensions
Geo Targeting
AdText Creation
Adtext AB Testing
keyword matching options
keyword bid management
Weekly Report
Monthly Report
website security
Secure by SSL
PayPal Acceptance Mark

As you can see we have a number of plans depending on your needs. I am proud to represent a business dedicated to serving and helping small business such as yours. Order today and boost your bottom line!

Yours in success,

PS : Don't forget to order as soon as possible so that you can get past the struggles and the stress of looking for more clients and finally see maximum results quicker! Can't wait to work with you!